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The Scuba Diving Class is offered at the Thomasville YMCA teaching adults and children how to Scuba Dive. Located at the Everett-Milton YMCA, the class is divided into four class dates, and one pool session involving actual scuba diving in the Everett-Milton Pool. Listed below is the information for the Scuba Diving Class including the dates of the class, and other information regarding the class.


For schedule dates please visit:




  • Students must purchase mask, fins, and snorkel
  • Students will receive a discount at The Dive Shop on mask, fins, and snorkel
  • All other gear is provided for class
  • Bring receipt for class
  • Bring receipt to Aquatics to receive your book
  • Pay at the front desk
  • Open water dives are required to complete all certifications/ additional cost is approx. $175.00


Register at the YMCA:

Cost: Y-Members: $275                

Non-Members: $300                     

Y-Employees: 30% off

Pre-registration required



Note: Please bring your receipt tot the Aquatics Department to pick up your Scuba Books ask for Kenny Hood. All classes and sessions will be held at the Everett-Milton YMCA.

Instruction will be given by The Dive Shop. Call 229.446.0708 for questions.

Contact Kenny Hood at 229-226-3446 for more information.


Everett Milton YMCA (229) 226-3446 (P)
103 S. Dawson St. | Thomasville, GA 31792
Butler Mason YMCA (229) 226-0133 (P)
1304 Remington Ave. | Thomasville, GA 31792
Butler Mason Child Care | (229) 226-6082
Weston YMCA (229) 226-7510 (P)
416 W. Clay St. | Thomasville, GA 31792